10 Important Symptoms Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Pregnancy is a new milestone for women, especially for first-time moms. Being a first-time mother (or even if you are already on your nth pregnancy), there will be an occasion where you do not know that you are pregnant until you missed your period. Missing a period is one of the most significant indications that you might be pregnant. But will you wait until the next month to see that you have lost or not? No.

10 Symptoms  Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

There are pregnancy symptoms before missed period that can manifest on you already. All you have to do is to know what these symptoms are and be observant about it in yourself.

early pregnancy symptoms before missed periodKnowing what these pregnancy symptoms before missed period will help you prepare for your pregnancy better and will give you the chance to have a clear notion of what you need to expect on your body changes. It will also help you to have a longer period of preparing yourself holistically for the pregnancy and becoming a mother to this new bundle of joy.

1. Cramping And Implantation Bleeding

If you think you have your menstrual period a little too early because you have some cramps and bleeding, think again. What you perceive as menstrual cramps or bleeding may be a sign of a possible pregnancy.

The implantation bleeding is very light, and you may observe it with a few drops of blood on your underwear or when you are wiping your vagina. This may last for a few hours or up to several days. However, if there is heavy bleeding before your actual menstrual period schedule, you’d better consult your doctor as this may be a sign of miscarriage or irregular and irregular period that may have an underlying medical cause which needs to be treated.

2. Fatigue

Since there is a sudden increase in progesterone levels during early pregnancy, it may make you feel tired and sleepy most of the time. There are also other changes in the body such as an increase in the production of blood to support the growth of the fetus inside.

This change will drain your energy levels especially if you do not have enough nutrients and minerals in your diet. If you feel a sense of fatigue even if you are not doing anything, this might be an indication that pregnancy is on the way even before you missed your period.

3. Heavy, Sore And Tender Breasts

Some women notice their breasts becoming tender when they ovulate or during the time their period is due. However, breast changes are also one of the early signs of pregnancies. As your body produces more estrogen and progesterone while pregnant, these hormones cause the changes in the breasts and make them feel more sensitive and swollen.

4. Nausea

Feeling nauseous is not just an ordinary fever or illness if you had unprotected sex during your ovulation period. It can be a sign that you are at the early stage of your pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes, a woman will start to feel queasy. You will also feel a little bit dizzy, weak and you may even throw up at times.

Though nausea may attack at any time of the day, many women experience this during the early morning. The severity of morning sickness may vary from one expectant mother to another and may be worse during your first pregnancy.

5. Elevated Basal Body Temperature

The most accurate pregnancy symptom before a missed period is to check for your basal body temperature (BBT). If your BBT is elevated, then you are sure to be pregnant. However, you cannot do this technique if you do not know the normal rhythm of your BBT.

Hence, most women keep track of their BBT for several months even before the pregnancy started and it also helps them know when they are ovulating or not. After a day or two of your ovulation process, BBT will usually increase from 0.4 to 1°F and decreases as soon as period ends. However, it will remain elevated if there is the pregnancy that occurred.

6. Feelings Of Metallic Taste In The Mouth

The cause of metallic taste in the mouth is unknown, though some experts blame this on hormonal changes. The strong metallic taste in the mouth may last all day long and may disappear after the first trimester of pregnancy. However, few women suffer from it all throughout the pregnancy period.

7. Headaches And Backaches

A headache is often caused by a decrease in blood sugar levels since the brain cells are coping with the lack of sugar supply they receive. If frequent headaches occur, it might be a sign that estrogen and progesterone are preparing the uterus for the baby.

A backache may also be experienced at the lower back since your ligaments are loosening to prepare your body in carrying the weight of the baby. Also, other pregnancy symptoms such as cramping, constipation and bloating may cause you to have backaches as well.

8. Constipation

Elevated progesterone levels and other hormonal changes affect the digestive system. The hormones will cause the food to pass slowly in your digestive tract which makes your bowel movements harder.

9. Bloating And Tightness

The bloating feeling is the most common symptom of pregnancy even before you missed a period. It is also the most uncomfortable too. It is usually accompanied by burps and farts and may be caused by progesterone which leads you to have flatulence and constipation. Bloating is best relieved if you eat small frequent feedings to help in easy digestion. Also, avoid eating fatty and fried foods.

10. Urinary Frequency

If you have the urge to urinate frequently, you might be having some fetal development inside you. Urinary frequency is a typical and common pregnancy symptom and may occur at night. Though it is annoying because you need to wake up and go to the bathroom several times, rest assured that it is normal and nothing bad is happening.

Since many hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, there is an extra blood production which causes urination to occur often. The kidneys work double time to filter more of the blood production which in turn fills up the bladder easily and causes you to visit the bathroom repeatedly.

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