10 Important Signs That You Are Pregnant

If you are eagerly waiting for a good news but not sure whether it is time to take a pregnancy test, don’t worry because there are other ways to find out if you are pregnant or not. So, how to know if you are carrying your little one? Well, here are ten vital signs that you are pregnant.

10 Signs That You Are Pregnant

Finding out pregnancy early is imperative so that you can start your prenatal care since your baby’s important organs would be developed in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

what are the signs that you are pregnant

Early Signs That You Are Pregnant
  • Missed period
  • Morning sickness
  • Fatigue
  • Increase in the visit to the loo
  • Spotting
  • Tender breasts
  • Aversion to food
  • Back pain
  • Mood swings
  • Bloating

1. Missed Period

If your monthly red visitor has not shown up for more than ten days, it could be because there is good news. However, there can be many reasons why your periods may be delayed. Sudden change in lifestyle, traveling, climate change, medications you are taking, contraceptives pills, etc. can result in a delay of your periods.

Hence missed period can be a false trigger. Usually, pregnancy is confirmed by looking at the Beta HCG hormone level in the urine. If you test too early, the beta HCG level may not be high enough to get detected in urine. Sit tight for one more week and test again, or you can do a blood test which will show the level of HCG level which is a fool proof way of confirming your pregnancy.

2. Morning Sickness

If you are suddenly finding yourself throwing up like crazy without any other explanation, it could be because you are pregnant. Nausea can be triggered due some smell or taste which was perfectly fine earlier.

It is body’s response to pregnancy and an indication that your hormone levels are rising and that your body has started preparing for the nine months journey. However make sure that the vomiting is not because of something you ate, allergic reaction or food poisoning.

3. Fatigue

You will feel like you just finished running a marathon when all you did was visit the nearby grocery store. Fatigue and sheer exhaustion is a symptom of pregnancy. You will feel unusual drowsiness when you are pregnant.

The morning sickness can add to this drowsiness, and it will continue throughout your pregnancy especially in your second trimester. If you find yourself fatigued by doing your regular daily tasks, you can be sure that there is uplifting news coming to your direction. Make sure that fatigue is not caused due to physical exertion, dieting or onset of fever.

4. Increase In The Visit To The Loo

Do you find yourself in the bathroom now and then wondering whether your bladder has shrunk in size? Worry not, there is a possibility that there is life growing inside of you. The body starts retaining fluids including water to support your pregnancy. It can be considered as at home pregnancy test also.

You can also notice an increase in the blood flow level in your body which helps in the formation of the placenta. The increase in the frequency of urination will go up as your pregnancy progresses. When your baby bump is large enough, it will also press against the bladder causing frequent urination.

5. Spotting

When the embryo has traveled down the fallopian tube, it will attach itself to the wall of the uterus. You may notice spotting during this time which is called as implantation bleeding. It may look like your periods since it happens few days before your period, but it can be your pregnancy.

You should sit tight for a couple of weeks to find out if there are other symptoms to confirm your pregnancy. Some women do not have implantation bleeding, and that is quite reasonable. So don’t worry if you don’t have to spot, there is still a possibility that you could be pregnant.

6. Tender Breasts

As soon the embryo has attached itself to the uterus wall, your body will prepare to support the growing fetus. From first few weeks of pregnancy, the body will prepare for delivery and breastfeeding. As a result, you will notice tenderness of your breasts even before your missed period.

It will become painful to touch your breast; your breasts will feel heavier, and the nipples can get darker. However, some women would have all these symptoms like tender breasts before the onset of your period, if you have never had this symptom and has noticed this sudden change it means you are pregnant.

7. Aversion To Food

The change in the hormone level of your body can result in an aversion to your favorite food. It can also cause carving to certain food items which you used to dislike earlier, thanks to your growing baby.

The level of estrogen hormone rises when you are pregnant which can result in heightened sense of smell. The Certain smell can even trigger nausea. Try not to be put off with all the smell issue and nausea; you need to realize that things are changing and you are pregnant.

8. Back Pain

Your back will kill you and you wold be wondering what heavy lifting you did to cause this pain. It can be a symptom of pregnancy. There can be consistent back pain or pain which will go away after taking some rest or a light massage. The back pain can happen due to sudden weight gain, hormonal changes, change in your posture, stress, muscle separation, etc.

9. Mood Swings

Finding yourself losing your temper or feel that you are in tears like a drama queen very often? Pregnancy can cause this change in mood and irritability. There are lots of hormonal changes that happen in your body which will lead to a sudden change in your mood.

Your dear and near ones may notice this faster than you. You can be happy one moment and may be shedding tears within few minutes, don’t worry you are not going crazy. It could be because you are pregnant. Talk to your friend, family to help you out in these confusing times.

10. Bloating

You may feel bloat all of a sudden. Bloating is a tell-tale sign of pregnancy. You can blame your hormones for making you feel bloated. When implantation happens, it can also result in mild cramping and bloat.

These are some of the ways 10 Important Signs That You Are Pregnant. All these are mere symptoms and pregnancy can be confirmed only by taking a pregnancy test, so if you have some of these side effects, it is time to visit your gynecologist.

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