6 Early Signs & Symptoms Of Being Pregnant With Twins

Getting pregnant is a great experience for parents because there will be an additional member of the family who will bring laughter and immense happiness. But what more if you get two instead of one, right? That will be laughter and immense joy, times two! Yes, it may turn out to be a crazy world. But hey, there is nothing wrong with having twins as babies.

Though you cannot be sure at first if you are pregnant with twins or not, there are different signs that you can look out for. Identifying the signs of being pregnant with twins will help you prepare for motherhood as early as possible because you already know what you are dealing with while they are still inside your womb.

Signs & Symptoms Of Being Pregnant With Twins

Signs & Symptoms Of Being Pregnant With Twins

Signs Of Being Pregnant With Twins

It is important for you to know the signs and symptoms of being pregnant with twins so that you will be able to address specific needs intended for carrying to fetuses inside your womb. While many mothers are excited to have twins, there are those who are scared of knowing that they are carrying two lives. Hence, proper knowledge about different signs and symptoms will help you lessen your fears since you will know how to control it well.

1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Levels Are High

The human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that can be detected during pregnancy through your blood and urine sample after ten days of post-conception. HCG levels increase at a fast rate and will peak during the 10th week of gestation. Though twins may produce an elevated level of HCG, it is not definitive as levels can also fall within normal range as the levels for single babies.

2. Bigger Baby Bump

Baby bumps are strongly indicative that a baby is on its way. However, if you notice that you have a bigger baby bump compared to others, it may mean that you have two little angels inside you. Though experts say that an increased in weight and size are not accurate indicators of twin pregnancy, many twin moms say that their tummies have grown quickly which made them realized that their pregnancy is different from others.

While this may tip you off about twin pregnancy, doctors say that it is still important to undergo an ultrasound test to check whether you indeed have two babies inside. Twins can already be diagnosed as early as 6 to 7 weeks into pregnancy. Hence, you do not need to wait long enough.

3. More Uterine Cramps

Uterine cramping may be due to your uterus expanding quickly. Though uterine cramps are also common for single pregnancies, it can be more intense and bothersome to women who are carrying twins considering that the uterus will expand more quickly to cater the needs of two fetuses inside.

4. Early Movements Of Babies Inside

Women who have been pregnant with twins said that they feel movements of the babies as soon as 15 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. These movements are known as quickening and will be felt by the mothers-to-be.

5. Other Exaggerated Pregnancy Symptoms

While most symptoms of twin pregnancy are the same as the symptoms felt by mothers carrying a single baby, the signs of being pregnant with twins may be more exaggerated than normal ones. If a woman carries a single baby, she may pee frequently.

However, if she carries two babies inside, she will pee more frequently than frequently. It is also the same with other pregnancy signs such as mood swings. Mood swings in twin pregnancy may be intense in comparison to mood swings of single pregnancies due to hormonal changes.

6. Two Heartbeats

Another indicative sign that it is a twin pregnancy is when you and your doctor hear two heartbeats instead of one during your prenatal check-ups. It can be heard in as early as 12 weeks through a Doppler machine.

Other Signs That May Indicate Twin Pregnancy

While the symptoms of pregnancy felt by women are not always reliable when it comes to confirming a twin pregnancy, you can check on a woman’s history to help diagnose and assess the nature of pregnancy.

A twin pregnancy will likely occur if the pregnant woman is:

  • Over the age of 30 years old
  • On her perimenopausal stage
  • Taller than average or those with shorter height
  • Overweight and has a body mass index of >25
  • Of African American heritage
  • Has a history of twin pregnancy
  • Has a family history of twin pregnancies on her and her husband’s biological family
  • Having a history of in-vitro fertilization or have fertility assistance to get pregnant

Important Reminders For Mothers Pregnant With Twins

Having two babies inside you means that you are taking care of three lives instead of two. It will entail much responsibility from you. These are important reminders that you need to know when getting pregnant with twins:

  • Visit your doctor regularly for ante-natal care.
  • Visit an accredited practicing dietician so that information will be given to you with regards to the proper diet that you need to eat to meet the requirements required for carrying twins.
  • Get plenty of rest. Having a single pregnancy is tiring enough, so what more if you have two babies inside of you? Getting enough rest is very much needed for mothers with twin pregnancies because supporting twin babies takes a lot of energy and stamina. You may consider taking a vacation or leave from work and arrange home support or child care for older children if you have any.
  • Expect the unexpected and plan ahead. Twins are known to have the habit of coming out early than scheduled. Thus, it is important that you plan ahead and keep things organized to avoid any cramping during labor and delivery.

Submit yourself to regular ultrasounds. You may need more ultrasounds than mothers who only have single babies. Do not take these ultrasounds for granted and comply with them as much as possible because the results are used to determine the status of your two unborn babies!

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