10 Early Signs Of Having A Baby Boy

The gender determination of an unborn baby is illegal in some countries like India due to the increased rate of female foeticide. However, since you know that there is a life growing inside you and with the excitement of becoming a mother, you cannot help but wonder whether it is going to be a girl or a boy. So, what are the early signs of having a baby boy?


Apart from an ultrasound (an imaging technique that employs high-frequency sound waves to look at internal structures and organs of the body), there is NO accurate way you to determine the gender of a baby.

Below are some of the signs of having a baby boy. Please note, these are not scientifically proven, and hence they may not be accurate.

10 Early Signs Of Having A Baby Boy

The actual gender determination can be done only at doctor’s office through an ultrasound scan once you are four or five months pregnant. Additionally remember, it is unlawful to ask a doctor to reveal the gender of the baby if you are a resident of India.

signs that you are having a baby boy1. Morning Sickness

A big turn off in pregnancy is the morning sickness. You will be thrilled to realize that you are going to be a mommy but when you start throwing up every morning and nausea hits you like crazy you won’t feel like enjoying much. If you do not have any morning sickness, it could be symptoms of having a boy.

2. Urine Colour

Pregnancy detection is done using a urine test because that is when the presence of Beta HCG hormones can be detected. Urine colouration is also a pointer in determining the gender of the baby.

If you have dark yellowish urine, it may be a symptom that you are having a baby boy in your belly. However, make sure that the black color is not due to dehydration. If you are carrying a girl, your urine would be cloudy.

3. Acne Outbursts

Everyone talks about that pregnancy glow and how pregnant women look radiant. If you are not falling into that category and feel that your skin condition has gone worse, it may be because you are carrying a naughty boy within you.

The hormonal changes in your body result in several physical changes; it can also improve your skin. If you are suddenly having pimples or an outbreak of acne, it could be a symptom of a baby boy on its way. Try not to worry about your skin condition; it will go back to normal after delivery. Always remember your body is working hard to keep you and your baby nourished.

4. Breast Size

One major change your body will go through apart from your baby bump is the change in your breast size. From the moment you are pregnant, your body will start preparing for breastfeeding.

Breast milk is the lifeline of your baby; the first milk called as colostrum will provide lifelong immunity to your child. To ensure that sufficient milk supply, your breasts will become large. If you feel that your right breast is bigger than the left one during pregnancy, it could be one of the signs of having a baby boy.

5. Hair Growth

One of the additional advantages of pregnancy is that your hair will look amazing. You will awe in wonder about how good your hair looks. It could be due to the hormonal changes or additional vitamin supplements you take or due to shifting to a healthy diet. When you are carrying a boy, your hair tends to grow much faster; it will become longer and thicker than before, thanks to the baby boy.

6. Cold Feet

Not just the nervousness or anxiety that attacks you while thinking about delivery and motherhood, actual cold feet can be a signal that a baby boy is coming soon. If you have a familiar cold feeling on your feet, it may be your body’s way of telling you to buy baby clothes in blue color.

7. Food Cravings

Pregnant ladies are famous for the food cravings, be it the middle of the night or middle of nowhere, husbands are bound to satisfy the food cravings of pregnant women. Your baby’s developing taste buds can be the reason behind these cravings.

If your wife is always asking for sour or salty food, you can ensure that it is a sign of having a boy. However, you must be careful not to consume too much of salty food as it can lead to hypertension which could complicate pregnancy.

8. Heart Rate

Fetal heart rate is an indication of the health condition of the baby. Your gynecologist will regularly monitor the heart rate of the baby once you reach 16 to 20 weeks and at every prenatal scan. Baby’s heart beats at a much faster rate than ours. If your unborn baby’s heartbeat rates less than 140 beats per minute, it could mean that your womb is carrying a future gentleman.

9. Tummy Positioning

It is believed that the position of your baby bump is an indication of the gender of your baby. If you are carrying your bump low, it is believed to be a symptom of having a baby boy. The bump will be round and pointy like a football when you are carrying a boy.

10. Sleeping Position

One difficulty in pregnancy is sleeping position and posture. It will be tough to shift around with your huge belly, and you can say goodbye to sleeping on your stomach. Pregnant ladies must always lie on their side and preferably to your left side as it will put less shear on your back and oxygen will flow more quickly to your baby.

The weight of the baby bump will not create pressure on your internal organs if you are sleeping on your left side. However, if you are naturally sleeping on your left without making a conscious effort, it could be a symptom of a baby boy.

Knowing the gender in advance has its advantages as you can choose appropriate clothes for your newborn and decorate the nursery in the proper color. You can also finalize the name of the baby if you know whether you are having a girl or a boy. There are lots of old wives’ tale and beliefs based on which people guess about the gender of the baby.

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