How To Write Baby Shower Wishes Beautifully?

There are two important pre-event functions in a woman’s life – bridal shower and baby shower. The day is just about you as you celebrate the next phase of life with your friends and family. A baby shower can be a formal or an informal celebration for the upcoming birth of the baby. It is celebrated in one way or the other in most of the cultures.

How To Write Baby Shower Wishes?

The usual etiquette includes announcing the gender of the baby, announcing the name, guests presenting gifts for the baby and mother, food, drinks and some party favor. If you have been invited to a baby shower and not quite sure on what you must do, here are some quick guidelines for you. Like any message or letter you write, baby shower message should also include a beginning, body, and end.

baby shower wish cards

Beginning Of Baby Shower Message

Start the beginning with a proper salutation. To do that, the first step is to check the nature of baby shower, find out if it is going to be a formal or informal event so that you can prepare your message accordingly. If it is an official event, check if there are any dress code and also make your wish by writing the proper full name of the mother or the parents if it’s the couple who is throwing the shower.

If you are close to the mother, then write the first name of the mother rather than writing the official full name. If you are invited by the would-be dad and is closer to him, then write his name on the card. Whichever name you write, make sure it is the same on the envelope as well as the inside of the card.

The Body Of Baby Shower Message

Here is the important part where you need to write the actual message. The message can include a cute little quote, message for the baby, message for parents, tips for mom, or some funny messages. The main idea is that the message should be relevant and something the host would remember for a long time.


If the parents have already announced the gender and name of the baby, you can write a personalized message to the little one which he/she can read after growing up. However, if the gender is not revealed, then please make sure to write gender neutral message. Make the message crisp and short and no need to write a lengthy paragraph. Usually, two or three sentences should suffice.

The language of the message can be informal or formal which depends on the nature of the party as well as the kind of relationship you share with the parents.

Examples Of Baby Shower Messages

Skim through some of the below examples of baby shower wishes:-

Hearty congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy.
Hearty congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy.
Thank you for inviting us along to share in the excitement of your soon to be new baby! Wishing you all the best with babyhood!
Congratulations! Your home will soon be filled with toys and will never be quiet again. Your house will often be a mess, and you’ll frequently be tired. But there will always be love and laughter! All the best and many happy memories.
I heard there’s a handsome new man in your life. I can’t wait to meet him!
A precious gift all bundled and tied, best wishes for you and your baby inside. Many congratulations to you!
A new baby is the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Baby, may you be strong, brave, and fearless. But also be kind, gentle, and forgiving! Be the best of the best!
Precious one, so small, so sweet, dancing in on Angel’s feet, straight from heaven’s brightest star, what a blessing you truly are.
Our congratulations and best wishes to you as you step into this exciting new phase in life. Be ready for busy days, sleepless nights, many questions, and endless love.
Wishing you a hassle free pregnancy and a happy and healthy new baby! All the best.
Babies are a gift from heaven. Enjoy your new addition and may you have a happy and healthy long life together.
A warm welcome to your little someone new, I wish you all the best and congratulations too!
May you have many snuggling and fun times ahead of you. All the best to you and your new baby!
Roses are red, violets are blue, you will be given a new baby, congratulations to you!
May you be blessed with the wisdom to be great parents. I pray for you all a happy and healthy life together.
You are so blessed to have a new bundle of joy in your life. I wish you all the best wishes for your baby shower!
I am overjoyed and am looking forward to meeting your new baby. Wishing you and your family a healthy life together. Happy baby shower!
The cuddling, the snuggling, the kissing and the loving. All of it, you get to enjoy with the arrival of your new little bundle of joy.
Pinky is a girl, Blue is for a boy, But whether it’s a girl or a boy, your baby will bring you lots of joy.
Twinkle twinkle little star, can’t wait to see how cute you are.
Looking at your baby reminds us of how beautiful a gift the God and the Heaven above has bestowed on you.

The Ending Of Baby Shower Message


You can end the baby shower wish with a straight closing line. Something like “with lots of love,” “Hugs & Kisses,”

“Yours Sincerely,” “God Bless,” “With love” etc.

The would-be mother would be anxious and excited about the arrival of the new baby. A baby shower is a beautiful event which helps to take the mind off of the delivery and difficulties of parenthood. This event contributes to bringing positivity and is a great feel good factor for the parents.

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