5 Best Organic Baby Formula That Are Highly Rated

Before we tell you what the best organic baby formula is, let’s begin with a quick introduction. Parenting is all about surprises. You would have planned your entire life but the moment you become a parent, all those plans would go for a toss and your baby will become the decision maker of the family.

The majority of the mothers choose to breastfeed their babies since they know that breast milk is unadulterated, contains the right amount of nutrients, enzymes, fat, hormones and everything else your baby need to grow up and thrive. Breastfed babies are usually more immune to diseases than formula fed babies.

best organic baby formula reviewsHaving said that, a lot of things can go wrong even though you want to breastfeed. Baby may not latch properly; there can be a crack in the nipple that makes it very painful to breastfeed, lack of sufficient milk supply, your work schedule, traveling, etc. which makes it difficult to breastfeed your child.

Some kids can also be lactose intolerant which means he will be allergic to milk and milk products. In such scenarios, you are not left with a choice other than to use baby formula until your little one can start a solid food and animal produced milk.

The Need For Organic Baby Formula

At any point, breast milk will always be far superior when compared to formula milk. When it comes to your baby, you do not want to take any chances.Each and every mother wants the best for her baby. When it comes to baby formula, also you want the best unadulterated and healthy choice for your little angel.

The conventional baby formula contains genetically engineered ingredients, cow milk treated with growth hormones and processed oils. The ingredients would also include crops which were cultivated using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The organic baby formula is the better alternative if you have decided to formula feed your infant. The organic formula will help your baby to grown stronger, healthier and happier.

Reasons organic formula is the best for your baby:

  • The ingredients of baby formula come from organic farms where the farmers are forbidden to use any artificial means of harvesting. It means no pesticides, genetic engineering, etc. The crop would be fresh and would be cultivated naturally.
  • The crops would be grown without any petroleum based fertilizers or chemical fertilizers.
  • If animal products are used, then animals (for example cow) must be given organic products for food to keep it unadulterated. The usage of growth hormones on animals is a strict no.
  • There would be an inspection from authorities to make sure that all the necessary guidelines for organic food are complied with, and no adulteration techniques are practiced.

5 Best Organic Baby Formula To Choose From

You will be so confused seeing the different varieties of baby formula that is available in the market; you will be left wondering which one is the best for your baby. Here are some of the different types of best organic baby formula and its differences so that you can make a conscious decision while purchasing baby formula.

1. Similac Organic Baby Formula

best organic formula for breastfed babies

It is one of the top organic baby formula brands in the United States. Similac uses organic high oleic sunflower, organic soy and organic coconut oil for fat source and is superb for your growing baby.

2. Parent’s Choice Organic Formula

the best organic baby formula

This is Walmart’s brand of choice. This formula is made with ingredients that were harvested without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, growth hormones or antibiotics. This product is economical, and you can still purchase it since it is budget friendly.

3. Earth’s Best Organic Formula

earth's best baby formula

This is one of the pure organic baby formulae that you can find on the market. This baby formula is almost similar to breast milk and is extremely healthy for the baby. This baby formula only uses organic lactose and glucose for carbohydrates.

4. Vermont Organic Baby Formula

best organic baby formula reviews

This product is meant only for one use i.e. high-quality organic baby formula. You can purchase this product online since it is not available in stores. They have a standard baby formula version and a soy version. Depending on your child’s taste you can order one.

5. Baby’s Only Organic

best organic formula for babies

Baby’s organic is one of the best baby formulas to buy. It is gluten free and doesn’t contain GMO and corn ingredients. It is great for babies who are allergic to gluten and corn. It doesn’t employs ingredients that are genetically modified.

5 Harmful Ingredients In Formula To Avoid

When you are choosing baby formula, make sure that it does not contain:

1. Processed Refined Sugars

like corn syrup solids maltodextrin, brown rice syrup with the recognizable level of arsenic. Breastmilk is very sweet and hence artificial sweeteners area added to formula milk. However processed sugars can lead to overfeeding and obesity among children. Some of the artificial sugar also contains arsenic.

2. Palm Oil

Infants cannot process palm oil properly, and studies have shown that babies who are drinking formula milk with palm oil have a lower bone density. Breast milk contains palmitic acid and hence palm oil is used in some of the baby formulae to replace palmitic acid.

3. Synthetic Preservatives

Preservatives are added to baby formula to make sure that the formula has a longer shelf life. Avoid baby formula which uses artificial preservatives as it is not good for your baby’s health.

4. Synthetic Nutrients

Synthetic nutrients like lutein, lycopene, nucleotides, taurine, etc are proven to be carcinogenic (or cancerous cells) and must be avoided.

5. Carrageenan

This is derived from seaweed and is used to steady the liquid baby formula. Using carrageenan has found to cause intestinal inflammation and colon tumors; hence it is best to avoid baby formula that contains this ingredient.

Apart from feeding organic baby formula, you can also focus on giving a natural lifestyle to your little one. You can start with cloth diapers which are not easy because you need to change it after every pee pee and poo poo. But the benefit of using cloth diaper is that there will not be any diaper rashes, and your baby can move around comfortably.

You can also have homemade baby food when cooked with love it will help your baby to stay healthier. It is not very difficult to cook homemade baby food, and there are lots of recipes available on the internet. It will always be a better choice than the instant baby formula you purchase from the store.

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