10 Health Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water, being a natural drink, contains lots of minerals and vitamins. It is exquisite in your pregnancy when consumed in moderation. It is better to have Coconut water in the morning as it helps to capture all nutrients when your stomach is void. Coconut water benefits during pregnancy can help the mother and the baby a lot. Below are some advantages of coconut water:-

10 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

can we drink coconut water during pregnancy1. Helps To Maintain Uric Acid Levels

There are lots of things you need to take care of while you are pregnant.

The level of uric acid should be stable, drinking coconut water helps to maintain the uric acid because of its diuretic nature.

Upon consumption of coconut water, you will pee quite often since coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium, and minerals. It is healthy for kidney since it can flush out the toxic and will prevent the formation of kidney stones.

You will be more prone to urinary tract infection during pregnancy due to the change in hormone level and vaginal discharge. Coconut water in pregnancy also helps to reduce the possibility of urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection can cause preterm labor if left untreated.

2. Electrolytes In Coconut Water

You would have heard that drinking coconut water is good when you suffer from vomiting or loose motion. It is that there are a lot of coconut water health benefits as it contains electrolytes like minerals, sodium, calcium, potassium, etc. which will help to calm down the body and provide energy.

It helps the muscles to function healthily by sending electrical charges through the body. Coconut water is superb for you especially if you have morning sickness. It contributes to lower blood pressure and also to maintain the pH balance of your body.

3. Good For Heartburn And Constipation

For some people, pregnancy is trouble free where for others all hell would break loose. Out of all the discomforts, heartburn is the toughest of all since it will become difficult to eat food even though you are feeling hungry.

Coconut water is an excellent remedy for heartburn, indigestion, and constipation.

It helps in heartburn because coconut water contains acid neutralizers. It also contributes to maintaining the pH levels and in increasing the metabolism of the body.

4. Coconut Water For Infections

One thing about pregnancy is you cannot take many medicines. Since your baby is growing, some of the medicines can hinder the growth process of the child. But when you have some infection, it cannot be left untreated as well.

Coconut water contains Lauric acid which is a disease-fighting acid and keeps away harmful bacteria and infections like flu and at the same time it preserves the good bacteria.

Coconut water is used for treating infections. It is also a known source of minerals and antioxidants which can help to strengthen your immunity thereby preventing infections from coming.

5. Cardiac Health

Another important factor you need to consider in pregnancy is your blood pressure. Your blood pressure will be on the lower side normally when you are pregnant. During pregnancy, the Hypertension can cause serious complications and can put yours as well as your baby’s life in danger.

Drinking coconut water helps to regulate the blood pressure since it contains minerals, vitamins, and essential proteins.

The electrolyte in the coconut water contributes to balance sugar level, blood pressure and also improves the blood circulation in the body.

Daily consumption of one glass of coconut water in the first three months of your pregnancy can provide significant benefits.

6. Weight Gain

Everyone knows that you will be gaining weight when you are pregnant. It is because of the increased amount of water retention, your baby’s weight, placenta and some additional kilos which you will put up to support your pregnancy. Drinking coconut water helps to remove fat deposits by getting rid of bad cholesterol. You can replace sugar laden juices with coconut water which is beneficial both for you and your baby.

7. Helps The Fetus To Grow

Coconut water helps to boost the growth of fetus by providing all nourishment the baby and the mother need. It helps the baby to develop and also helps the mom to stay happy and healthy.

8. Helps In Staying Hydrated

You must drink at least 2-3 liters of water every day. Signs like frequent urination and exhaustion during pregnancy are quite normal. However, it is important to stay hydrated always. Dehydration can affect your pregnancy, and it can make you more prone to urinary tract infection.

Coconut water is an excellent natural drink that helps you to stay hydrated. It has a soothing fresh feel which will help you to feel energized and rejuvenated. You can replace your caffeine intake with coconut water which is way healthier.

9. Amniotic Fluid

This fluid it much critical as your unborn baby floats in it within the uterus. Your child would also be swallowing some of the amniotic fluid once the baby’s digestive system has matured. A low level of amniotic fluid is harmful to your baby as it will affect your unborn child’s growth.

Drinking coconut water helps in the nourishment of overall environment that supports your pregnancy. It also helps to regularize the blood circulation and maintain meiotic fluid levels especially if you drink coconut water in the last trimester.

10. Less Sugar

Coconut water is a natural drink which contains lots of components that are good for your health. It is on the low-sider when you look at the sugar content of coconut water. Hence it makes the perfect drink when you are pregnant and the safest option if you have gestational diabetes.

Care must be taken when drinking coconut water especially if you have pre-eclampsia. It is because coconut water has sodium in it and hence it may not be a good idea to have it if you have pre-eclampsia. You should always have coconut water from tender coconut; the water from ripe coconut can cause constipation.

Try to drink fresh coconut water, and not the bottled one since it can contain preservatives. These coconut water benefits during pregnancy can help to avoid many health issues. Pregnancy is a beautiful period, but utmost care must be taken to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Consult your doctor first in case you feel any discomforts.

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