Top 5 Cutest Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

We all love baby showers! Who doesn’t enjoy a party intended to welcome a cute little angel into the world, right? Parents and organizers alike will make an effort to make a baby shower event a great one considering that it is the first party intended for the child inside your womb apart from his first birthday on the outside world.

It should be perfect and hassle-free from invitations to decorations. A standout amongst the most major things about a baby shower is the invitations to be given out to guests, and you may wonder about different baby shower invitation ideas.

An invitation to a party is as important as the venue and the party itself because it is something that will determine whether your event is worth going to or not. Most guests will base your event on how attractive and allure your invitation is. Will it be exciting? Will it be fun? Or will it be a bore? It is important that your baby shower invitations will be enticing so that your guests of family and friends will be tempted to attend too.

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5 Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

There are different ways on how to present your baby shower invitations. You need to ensure that you work will with all details from physical attributes of the designs to carefully chosen words of invitation. If you are still at a lost, we have made several tips here for you to acquaint yourselves with before sending out your invites.

baby shower invitation wording ideas1. The Theme Of The Invitation

One of the things that you should consider when giving your invitations out is the theme of your baby shower.

The invitation should be related to what your theme is all about. You could not only give an underwater invitation card design when your party theme is jungle safari, right?

Unless otherwise, you want to see a guest dressed in a fish or mermaid suit. Before sending out your invitation to the world and letting them know that you are expecting, you should have made your mind on what theme to use. In this way, you will prevent miscommunication of what your theme is.

2. Choosing The Right Words

Carefully, choose the words and make it sound festive and fun, but still pointing out all key points of interest, for example, the name of the expectant mom, the location of the setting, and in addition the time and date.

Do not go for normal and boring words such as “We are inviting you to the baby shower of (insert mother’s name) to be held at (insert place) on (insert date).” It is so boring and will reflect on how disturbing the event can be.

You can play with poems, rhyming words, and everything in between to keep your wordings catchy and alluring to the readers and guests. We have initially made these wordings for you as a reference:

Hear ye, hear ye!

We are pleased to announce that Queen (insert mother’s name)

is expecting to give birth to a prince/princess.

In line with this joyous event, we are cordially inviting you to attend

the celebratory party on the palace grounds of
(insert venue location)
on (insert date).

But of course, the wordings of this invite is specifically related to a royalty baby shower theme. If you are up to some general words, however, you can have this one:

A mother is expecting

A baby is coming

And you should be on your way too!

Let’s shower love and kisses too (insert mother’s name)

on (insert date)

at (insert venue location).

3. Insert Pictures

Of course, pictures are needed to make the invitation more creative and attractive. Do not expect that using words alone will make your guests come over. They should feel the warmth of the occasion.

While you can do well with ready-made invitations and its corresponding pictures, nothing beats pictures of yourself and your baby bump! Pictures of you smiling at the invitation will show how happy you are in this new chapter of your life. Sending out invitations like this to your guests will make them want to spend such glorious occasion with you too.

Putting your best pictures will make your guests feel more attached to your pregnancy than having general images placed on the invitation card. Thus, we suggest you glam up on your camera with that baby bump of yours.

4. Personalized Invitations

If you want to be more personal to your guests, a custom invitation will do the work.

Though there are custom-made baby shower invitations that you can conveniently use, penning personalized invitations will show more effort done on your side and will flatter your guests and invitees.

Knowing that you have made an extra effort in your desire to invite them to your baby shower, they will feel more touched and feel flattered at the sweet gesture. Nothing beats a personal note in every invitation sent out as it will make your guests feel more comfortable in joining your baby shower party.

5. Craftsmanship (DIY)

If you are on a tight budget and you do not have any money to spend on extravagant invitations, relax. There are some things that we call DIY or do-it-yourself invitations. These DIY’s also compasses all the other baby shower invitation ideas that we have mentioned above.

You can create your invitation basing on your desired theme, get to say your words, put on pictures of yourself and your baby bump (you can have your partner take your picture so that he will feel involved too and you can surely save from hiring a photographer), and it is more personalized because you did it yourself.

Though it can be quite hard and time-consuming especially for those people who are not well into creativity, this can help cure boredom and enhance your mental activity while being pregnant. So if you are feeling a little bit emotional or sick due to hormones, spread out some work materials on your table and distract yourself by making your DIYs baby shower invitations.

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