8 Best Baby Shower Ideas For Boys On A Budget

Are you expecting a baby boy and you want to throw a baby shower? If the answer is yes, the next question to follow will be: how much are you willing to spend for the occasion? If you found yourself stopping at that question and having second thoughts about pursuing your dream baby shower because you think that it might be expensive, don’t stop.

Top 8 Baby Shower Ideas For Boys On A Budget

There are still different ways on how you can celebrate a baby shower even if you do not have enough money to spend and you work on a tight budget. We will provide you with certain tips on how to come up with baby shower ideas for boys on a budget. Rest assured that you can still have a great baby shower if you only follow these very frugal tips.

baby shower ideas for boys1. Do Some Recycling

One of the best baby shower ideas that I can think about when the budget is tight is to cut off spending. Why should we spend more money on something that we already have or that we can make out of some stuff? Recycling and using old props and equipment may help you save more money than buying them anew.

After all, who needs new ones when you only have to use it once during the event, right? So, a piece of advice? Gear up and check in your garage and storage for things that might still be used to you.

2. Borrow Things

If you can borrow things from your family, friends, and neighbors, then do so. Do not feel embarrassed or shy when you borrow. They will understand your situation if you want to save more money during your baby shower. Everyone will be happy to help you out considering that they are also excited to see your bundle of joy as much as you and your husband do.

3. Do-It-Yourself Stuff

DIY stuff will save you tons of cash because you no longer need to purchase anything as long as you can make it. You can do personalized baby shower favors for your guests. You can make some baby shower decorations on your own. And you can even make your invites personally too!

When you do all of these things personally yourself – you can ask your husband and other friends to help you too – this will make the event more special and more intimate between you and your child because you can say later on that you have made a great effort in making him feel welcome in this world. Apparently, he can see all your crafted materials and decorations too when he browse your family photo album a few years from now.

4. Tone Down A Location

There is no need to celebrate a baby shower at a fancy restaurant or club where they will charge you several hundreds or thousands as a rental fee. Instead of renting a place for the event, why don’t you choose your home as the venue and just decorate it yourself?

If you think that your home has no enough space, why not talk to a friend who has a bigger house or lawn and requests her to allow you to use her place instead? If you are embarrassed to use her facility without proper compensation to her, you may offer to pay a rental fee but simply ask for a discounted price which will be lesser compared to a rental fee of a restaurant or club.

5. Do Your Cooking

There is no need to buy a lot of food from outside sources. You can do the cooking yourself and save almost 50% on your food budget. Restaurants profit nearly 50% on the food that they sell.

Instead of purchasing from them and paying the 50% for them to gain, why don’t you buy the ingredients yourself and do the cooking? You can save a lot.

6. Let Go Off The Entertainment

You do not need entertainers for a baby shower. When you deal with baby shower ideas for boys on a budget, you should check out your program and remove any entertainment that would require you to spend some money.

Hiring a band to entertain? What for? You can simply download a great playlist and have it played during the event. Surely, your guests will not mind because they are there for you and your baby, and not the entertainment that your party has to offer.

7. Use Coupons For Shopping

We all know that no baby shower event has pushed through without you spending for something. But when you spend, make sure that you give your money wisely. There are different coupons available on various local stores that you may choose from.

If these coupons include the things that you need to purchase, do not be embarrassed to use it. After all, coupons are there to help the customers save money during their shopping spree.

8. Be A Wise Spender

Be wise in every move that you do. Before buying something, it is best if you check out other stores as well. A thing may be expensive in this warehouse but may be offered at a lesser price on the next store. Thus, being vigilant on the prices of the items that you need is an important aspect of working on a tight budget too.

Also, for you to be considered as a wise spender, you should go for sale items. Stores offer different products on sale from time to time, and you should keep tabs on If you can get everything you need on sale, it will save you a lot chunk of money.

Working on a tight budget for a baby shower may be a tiring and stressful job, but rest assured that the fulfillment it brings and the happiness it will provide is all worth it.

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