8 Awesome Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

Organizing a baby shower is a headache for most people. And as an expectant mother, you do not want to have an additional headache to happen alongside your morning sickness and other pregnancy woes, right? Well, you are not alone in that dilemma because most mothers-to-be also undergo the same phase as you do when organizing their baby showers. One of the key things to consider when organizing a successful baby shower is the baby shower favors.

When you are welcoming a baby boy, the added burden is there. What can you possibly use as baby shower favors for a boy?! Certainly, this makes boys as picky as girls now.

8 Best Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

But when you are talking about baby shower favors for a boy, there are many choices to choose from. In fact, too many to count that you do not know which one to pick at all. Since we do not want mothers, fathers and organizers alike to feel the stress in looking and deciding for great party favors that guests would love yet is somehow personalized to your personalities and needs, we have made this simple list of unique baby shower favor ideas that you can get some hints from.

These ideas will show how easily possible it is to think of what to give to your guests as thank you presents for joining you at this awesome and happy event in your life.

1. Little Captain

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

Aye, aye, captain! One of the best symbols to represent a boy is a ship and an anchor. Now, who are the man behind the ship and the anchor? The captain of course! So having little captain caps as your baby shower favors for a boy is already a good choice. In this way, you are welcoming him to the world with the symbolism of how life is one long journey that he should travel on.

2. Little Champagne Bottles

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy
Source: forums.thebump.com/

We all know that pregnant women cannot drink. But does that mean your guests should not too? You can pour on some champagne on little bottles, seal it and place your thank you messages and wishes as the champagne’s label.

Champagnes make a man, and everyone wishes for a healthy young baby boy to grow up into that real blooded gentleman, right? When the time comes that you have given birth to your little new addition, everyone has a bottle to open up and celebrate the joy with you through several cheers.

3. Mini Lunch Boxes

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy
Source: kidspot.com.au

As they say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Food is a great symbolism for male dominance. Boys like to eat a lot of food compared to girls. Making mini lunch boxes and filling it with edible food will not only give kudos to the gender of your baby boy but will also make your guests feel happy because they have something to munch on for awhile even if the baby shower party is already over.

4. Jungle Critters Candle Favors

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy
Source: babyshowermania.blogspot.in

One of the best baby shower favor ideas is a ready-made candle for a jungle theme. We have included this on the list because baby boys certainly love the feel of animals, specifically big and tough ones such as lions. Having a jungle candle favor given to your guests is a good choice because not only does it look cute and adorable, but it is also useful for your guests to use at home.

5. Little Prince Crown Boxes

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

When a baby boy is born to a queen (that’s you, mom), he rightfully earns his spot as the crowned prince of your life. These little prince crown boxes are a good choice to honor this new position on the royal throne of your family by your baby boy.

It adds glamor and high effect to your party and makes the occasion more fit for a royal welcome to your soon-to-be newborn. Guests will love the feel of having a crown favor too because they will feel some royal treatment that no other baby showers offered.

6. Blue Baby Carriage Key Chains

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

Key chains are and will always be awesome party favors not only during baby showers but also during other parties and events as well. However, to keep the feel of a baby shower event, make sure that the key chain you are giving also symbolizes the nature of the event.

However, you can also choose other colors if you have a different theme so that it will run well with the topic of your choosing. If key chains are made of metal, you can also opt to have the name of your baby (if you already decided on it), engraved on the said keychains.

7. Personalized Baby Shower Glass Coasters

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

One of the best types of party favors that you can give out to your guests at any events is something that can be used to them and not merely just for decorations. Having said this, a personalized baby shower glass coaster may be an excellent choice to give away as a sign of gratitude to your family and friends.

They can use it every time they drink coffee, tea, sodas, or even just plain water. Every time they drink and see the coaster, they will think about you and the baby and provide well wishes even after your baby shower event had passed.

8. Fridge Magnets

Baby Shower Favors For A Boy

People need fridge magnets to track their notes on. With personalized fridge magnets, you will surely make your guests squeal with delight especially if the design is unique and cute. Fridge magnets are useful, and they can even track some notes reminding them of your due date so that they will be able to visit you and your new baby boy in the hospital to welcome him to his new world.

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