10 Things To Know About Acupressure For Childbirth

As you get closer to your due date, you can’t stop the excitement and the anxiety coming at the same time. One part of you would feel like speeding up the process so that you can meet your baby sooner where other side wants you to hold on. Things will become tricky when there is no progress even after the due date.

Most women would start getting frustrated and roaming around with a huge belly will get tougher. However, there are several ways through which labor can be induced. Doctors will administer medication to induce labor if there is no progress after the due date. Moving around, climbing stairs and brisk walking can help in easing out the delivery process. You can also try acupressure for childbirth.

Acupressure is a process where pressure is applied to the key pressure points to induce labor.

Acupressure For Childbirth

This traditional process believes that a particular area of the body is directly linked to the organs. Applying pressure on these points can heal and reduce pain. Below are some of the pressure points that can be stimulated to induce labor. Please consult your doctor and ask his or her advice before you try these techniques:

acupressure for pregnancy 1. Spleen 6 Point

Putting physical pressure on the spleen 6 point is usually the first step to induce labor through pressure points. The anger six pressure point is located above the ankle bone and below the calf muscles.

It is behind the shin bone to be precise. Once you find the spleen six pressure point, apply pressure using your index fingers for few seconds. Rest for a moment and rehash the procedure. It will help to induce labor.

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2. Pericardium 8 Points

The pericardium eight pressure point is very useful to induce labor. It is also known as labor palace. This pressure point is situated in the center of your palm. To locate the pericardium 8 point, make your hand into a fist and find the point where the top of your middle finger touches the inside of the palm.

Once you locate the pericardium pressure point, use the thumb of your other hand to apply pressure, you can massage the spot for few seconds which will help to induce labor.

3. Bladder 67 Point

Bladder 67 pressure point is located on your feet at the nail end of your pinky toe. This point is said to turn the fetus and start contractions, so you can try this acupressure point if your baby is in the breech. Pinch you toe using your index finger and thumb which will put pressure on the bladder 67 pressure point.

4. Large Intestine 4 Point

This is the most commonly known acupressure point. The large intestine 4 point is also called joining Valley since it is located at the back of your hand, deep between the joint of the thumb and index finger. It is one of the important acupressure points for labor that can start labor pain and is also known to build up immunity. Use the thumb of your other hand to apply light pressure on this point for few seconds, rest for one minute and repeat the process.

5. Kidney 1 Point

Another useful pressure point to induce labor is the kidney one pressure point. It also helps in relaxation of mind especially when you are nervous about the delivery process. This pressure point is located at the sole of your foot. It is in the middle of the upper side of the sole.

Once you have identified the kidney one pressure point, put pressure there using your thumb. It helps to reduce problems related to anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness. So request your husband to give you a foot massage with a particular focus on applying pressure to kidney one pressure point.

6. Bladder 60 Point

Bladder 60 pressure point is located few inches below the spleen six pressure point. It is near the depression between the ankle and the Achilles’ tendon. Use thumb to have the right amount of pressure at the bladder 60 point for few minutes, give a light massage to this point. It is also another important Point that is used to induce labor and reduce the pain.

7. Bladder 32 Point

You can also trigger labor by applying pressure on the dimple of your buttocks. It is a pressure point known as bladder 32 point. Just run through your fingers down through your spine till you find the dimple of your buttocks. Once you locate the bladder 32 point, apply steady pressure and move upright along the bottoms. Repeat for few minutes on this pressure point to induce labor.

8. Bladder 48 Pressure Point

This is another important pressure point located in the three chin to the side of the sacrum, amidst the gluteal muscle of the posterior. Its area can be very soft and sensitive during labor, and hence extra care must be taken while applying pressure at this point. The bladder 48 pressure point is also called as the Bladder Vitals and putting pressure on this point helps to relieve back pain, hip pain and reducing tension on the sciatic nerve.

9. Gallbladder 21 Pressure Point

The gallbladder pressure point is located on the top of the shoulder and a little far from the neck. You can identify this pressure point on both of the shoulders. Apply pressure and massage downwards from this pressure point to induce labor. This process is helpful to reduce a headache and pain related to labor. The mother would also feel calm and supported when you are massaging at this pressure point.

10. Liver 3 Point

This acupressure point is located on your feet and is very effective in reducing the lower back pain related to labor pain. The liver three pressure point is located around 3 centimeters away and in the middle of your big toe and second toe. You can apply pressure at this point to reduce the lower back pain and to find relief from menstrual cramps.

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